Two types of aspirators are offered to meet every application and capacity requirement. The cascading unit, on the left, operates on a vertical plane with the air periodically crossing the product stream. The rotary unit on the right, circulates the product as it moves down in the air column.

For high capacity, the Cascading Aspirator is ideal for economical removal of light waste from seed or grain. These units come in many forms and the four pass, cascading aspirator is an ideal addition to any system. We frequently utilize the aspirator for pre-cleaning before storage, density concentration before a gravity separator, final dust removal prior to packaging.

The cascading type is available in twenty (20) models with capacities ranging from 100 – 2000 bushel (2.5 – 50 metric tons) per hour. The rotary type has six (6) models available, from 80 – 12,000 bushels (2-300 metric tons) per hour with many options for air source including re-circulating air.

Note: Capacity* is based on removing light waste from wheat and may vary by crop and the composition of foreign matter, to be removed.