Cylinder Sizer
Seed and grain kernel sizing is done to present a more uniform product either for human consumption or replanting (seed). Some commonly sized commodities are corn (maize), sunflower, cereals, nuts, rice, and snack food grains. These cylindrical cylinder units allow for a high degree of sizing accuracy, compared to our flat screen sizers, by means of slotted hole perforations (width separation of flat from round kernels) and round hole perforations (thickness separation of small from large kernels). This units can be stacked in parallel (all modules dressed with the same cylinder size for increased capacity) or series (for multiple separations). Modules can be made up in 1, 2, 4, or 6 cylinder units.
Capacity*, metric tons (bu.) per hour
Power, kw (hp)
No. 1
2 (80)
0.37 (0.5)
No. 2
4 (160)
1.5 (2)
No. 4
8 (320)
1.5 (2)
No. 6
12 (480)
1.5 (2)

Note: Capacity* is based on sizing corn (maize), round from flat kernels, and will vary by crop and the percentage of particle size range.