S-1 QC Series Indented Cylinder
Crops that typically require length separation are wheat, oats, barley, rice, sunflower, vegetable seeds. This unit is recommended when rapid cylinder changing is not required. The cylinder is indented with a pocket size to suit your crop allowing removal either long and/or short waste. This unit can be stacked in parallel (all modules dressed with the same pocket size for increased capacity) or series (for long and short separations in one pass). The units can be stacked as many as four (4) high and two (2) wide. The cylinders are constructed of one piece 23” (581 mm) diameter x 87.63” (2226 mm) long for removal from the discharge end allowing the units to clustered with many modules stacked side by side. This unit is also available in a short cylinder 54.63 (1388 mm), smaller capacity laboratory test unit, model S-4.
Model, typical examples

Configuration High by Wide

Capacity*, metric tons (bu.) per hour
Power, kw (hp)
Single unit
3 (120)
0.57 (0.75)
2 x 1
6 (240)
3.71.1 (1.5), 0.75 (5, 1)
3 x 1
9 (360)
2.2 (3)
2 x 2
12 (480)
2.2 (3)
3 x 2
18 (720)
3.7 (5)

Note: Capacity* is based on separating long or short waste separation from wheat, and may vary by crop and the composition waste, to be removed.