Norogard Continuous Seed Coater
Treatment of seed with fungicide, insecticide, and other chemicals requires an efficient applicator that provides a high degree of accuracy. Chemicals are becoming more potent, requiring them to be applied evenly in small dosages to provide protection for each kernel. Application of polymer coatings further requires that we provide an applicator that will not allow chemical build-up and that will be quick and easy to clean between seed lots. An efficient means of measuring the incoming volume of seed and the volume of chemical continuously applied is the secret to the Norogard system.
Capacity*, metric tons (bu.) per hour
Power, kw (hp)
PLC Control
R 6
2 to 6 (80-240)
1.1 (1.5)
nlet hopper, bagging attachment
R 12-2
5 to 12 (200-480)
2.6 (3.6)
PLC control, max 4 dos. system, remote, control
R 15-4
6 to 15 (240-600)
2.6 (3.6)
Max 6 dosage systems, remote control, self-rinsing outlet-cone, printer, modem, hectoliter-weigher

Note: Capacity* is based on treating/coating of wheat at 773kg/cubic meter (60 lb/bu), and may vary by crop, the type and amount of chemical formulation to be applied. Standard, larger capacity units (up to 40 MTPH) and a lab (small sample treatment unit) are also available upon request.