Continuous Flow Seed Treaters

A wide range of seed treating equipment is available for most seed crop applications.

Some models are specifically designed for certain crop applications (such as vegetable seeds, corn, peanuts, etc.) and other are for general purpose and can handle a wide range of crops (including cereals, beans, delinted cottonseed, etc.). Certain models are equipped with a horizontal mixing conveyor and others offer the gentle handling features of the blending drum, as pictured above. Various models are designed to accommodate every capacity requirement.

The precise application of the correct dosage of seed treatment(s) to a given quantity of seed is critical and safeguards are built in to be certain that the application is uniform. Most models are designed for liquid or slurry application but optional powder applicators are also available and can be used together in the same unit. Pre-mix tanks for making up treatment formulations and delivering them to the treater are available in a range of sizes.

Limited application of polymer coatings is available on many of these standard, economical treater models.