Automatic Sampler

Automatic sampling allows for the owner/operator to monitor the quality of material that enters or is passing through the production line.

Often times we need to extract a true representative sample of the incoming product to determine whether it can be allowed into the plant (due to the possibilities of high moisture, forbidden contaminants, etc.). In many other cases we need a good representation to ensure the quality of the product that we are putting into the final package meet or exceeds the order requirements.

Various types of sampling equipment are available with the majority of them inserted into the product flow spouting. The controller typically is programmed to extract a given sample size at a fixed interval, set by the operator. The sample is delivered to a convenient collection point. Options are available to automatically receive multiple samples, and keep them separate, over time as well a deliver a second sample to be collected in a locked cabinet for the buyer’s representative to verify the quality of the product being delivered