OMNI Series Precision Air-Screen Cleaners
This air-screen cleaner, is a combination air-screen cleaner that incorporates the features of our Century and Dakota series with variable pitch screens for medium to large capacities. This model is designed for effective removal of light, large, and small waste. The range of models begins with two screens that allow the top screen always serves as a scalper (large waste) and the bottom screen functions as a sifter (small waste). Other models in Omni series include up to seven (7) layers. Each screen is interchangeable at 1372 mm (54”) wide and 2235 mm (88”) length and number of layers will depend on the work to be done. A pre-aspiration and final aspiration column are standard that deliver a high degree of separation for light density waste material. Standard equipment includes an electronically variable eccentric drive. All outlets are self-cleaning.
Capacity*, metric tons (bu.) per hour
Power, kw (hp)
Precision Cleaning
Up to 25 (1000)
Up to 6.25 (250)
5.7, 2.2 (7.5, 3)
Up to 50 (2000)
Up to 7.50 (300)
5.7, 2.2 (7.5, 3)
Up to 75 (3000)
Up to 7.25 (400)
5.7, 2.2 (7.5, 3)
Up to 75 (3000)
Up to 12.5 (500)
5.7, 2.2 (7.5, 3)
Up to 100 (4000)
Up to 15.0 (600)
7.5, 3.7 (10, 5)
Up to 100 (4000)
Up to 17.5 (700)
7.5, 3.7 (10, 5)

Available options include interchangeable screens, electronically variable speed feed, vibratory feeder, type “C” trashy material feed hopper, Intelli-Aire® automation control, dust collection system, and high static fans.

Note: Capacity* is based on cleaning wheat with up to 15% moisture content and 10% foreign material and can vary will vary with different crops and conditions.