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Seed Processors
Volume III • Number 1
Disaster Relief to Afghanistan
Crippen International has been actively participating in the post war efforts to rebuild the agricultural industry in Afghanistan.

We have been invited and succeeded in completing shipment of two different emergency relief programs.

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)/United Nations, in Rome, contracted our company to manufacture, deliver to Kabul, supervise start-up and train the local personnel on the operation and maintenance of twenty-two (22) sets of seed cleaning equipment including the electrical generators to power the equipment.
Laboratory Equipment
Secondly, we were privileged to participate with International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA), in Syria, favored us with a contract to supply ten (10) seed testing stations. These will be used to test seed and grains as well as supply quality control support to any seed producers.
Training has been an important part of our program for Afghanistan so we can be certain that the public funds that are utilized in this program can yield the greatest return.

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