Brush Polisher and Scourer
Many commodities have undesirable attachments that can effectively be removed by our gentle, dry scouring unit such as “beeswings” from corn hulls, sprouts, dirt or other foreign matter that all adheres to grain kernels. This unit is available in two sizes, has a prescreen feed roll hopper, and adjustable brush tension and contact with rubber concave or wire mesh cage. A built in aspiration system lifts the light particles removed and keeps the machine operation clean.
Capacity*, metric tons (bu.) per hour
EP 26
7.6 (300)
3.7 (5)
EP 44
12.7 (500)
5.7 (7.5)

Note: Capacity* is based on polishing corn and may vary by crop and the composition
of foreign matter, to be removed.


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