Gravity Separators
Crops can be separated by density effectively, and the gravity separator is designed to separate a minority of light, defective kernels and light waste from the higher bulk density good product. This unit is utilized for nearly the full range of seed and food grain crops. Our models G-3000-7000 also have a stone trap to capture a small amount of heavy waste such as glass, stones, or metal. The Model LG-10 can be used as a gravity separator or destoner (LS-10) by changing the deck overlay.
Model (former designation)
Capacity*, metric tons (bu.) per hour
Power, kw (hp)
0.63 (25)
1.5, 0.37 (2, 0.5)
G-3000 (3062)
1.7 (75)
3.7, 0.75 (5, 1)
G-4000 (4393)
4.4 (200)
5.7, 1.5 (7.5, 1.1)
G-5000 (5010)
6.6 (300)
7.5, 1.5 (10, 2)
G-6000 (5620)
9.3 (400)
11.2, 1.5 (15, 2)
G-7000 (6846)
18.1 (750)
11.2,2.2,1.1 (15,3, 1)

Available Options include interchangeable deck covers, automation control, aspirating feeder or dust hoods, vibratory feeder, dust fan and collectors.

Note: Capacity* is based on density separating clean, uniformly sized corn or beans and will vary by crop and the composition of the light material to be removed.


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