Edible Oilseed Plant Questionnaire

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1. What seed varieties are to be conditioned (common and botanical/Latin name)?
a. Total volume of each variety per season?
b. Total working hours per day, days a week and weeks per cleaning season?
2. Method of receiving (such as bulk in trucks, bags, etc.)?
a. Size of truck and bags?
b. Time schedule for receiving during the day?
c. Maximum truck unloading time (such as 15 minutes)?
3. Maximum moisture content of the crop(s)?
4. Schedule for each variety to be received, at the plant.
a. Indicate what months each variety will be arriving.
b. Indicate what months each variety is expected to be processed (if different than months received due to bulk storage capabilities).
c. What size classifications are expected?
d. Indicate what months the finished product is to be shipped out from the warehouse?
e Please outline any long term storage requirements. How many silos, of what capacity, will be needed.
5. It would be helpful in making equipment recommendations if you plotted a plan of the property, marked with the desired building and traffic pattern. Illustrate any existing buildings to be used including inside length, width and height. Please fax to 972-943-0288.
6. Is a test laboratory for quality control required?
7. Proposed project completion date?
8. Proposed plant expansion requirements?
a. What additional crops or varieties may be added?
b. Growth in conditioning or storage capacity expected?
9. Electrical power available (for example abundant 3PH/220V/60HZ)?
10. Target tons per hour capacity?
11. Size and type of finished product bags?
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